Licensing & Advisory services for CySEC regulated entities

Our Firm will provide valuable advice on the preparation and submission of the application(s), for obtaining the required license/authorization from CySEC with respect to the entities as listed in the below categories

CySEC Regulated Entities & Our Licensing Services

Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF)

A Cyprus Investment Firm or otherwise called a “CIF” is a Cyprus firm intending to provide investment services or perform investment activities in the Republic.

Alternative Investment Fund (AIF)

Alternative Investment Funds or otherwise called “AIF’s”, are collective investment undertakings, which raise capital from a number of investors with a view to investing it, according to its investment policy for the benefit of those investors.

Registered Alternative Investment Funds (RAIF)

Registered Alternative Investment Funds or otherwise called RAIFs are externally managed AIFs which are licensed to operate as RAIFs, provided that certain conditions and requirements are met.

Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFM)

Alternative Investment Fund Managers or otherwise called ‘AIFMs’ are Firms whose regular business is the managing of one or more collective investments such as the Alternative Investment Funds ‘AIFs’.

Small Alternative Investment Fund Managers (Small AIFMs/Mini Managers)

Small AIMFs / Mini Managers are Legal entities established in the Republic that wish to operate as AIF managers.

Alternative Investment Funds with Limited Number of Persons (‘AIFLNPs’)

AIFLNPs are AIF’s with up to 50 investors and authorized as AIFLNPs under Part VII of Law 124(I)/2018 (‘Alternative Investment Funds Law’).

Planning and preparation of the application

For the purpose of planning and preparation of the licensing/authorization application for submission to CySEC, our Firm’s extensive experience in the sector guarantees its success by providing the following:

a. Advice on the relevant documents to be collected for the application
b. Advice on the optimum organizational structure
c. Advice on the Internal Operation Manual
d. Advice on the Anti-Money Laundering Manual
e. Advice on the Business Plan
f. Constant communication with CySEC and report to the client.

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Our commitment

Our boutique firm will make sure that our services will be provided with a professional duty of proper care, skill, and attention to the client’s affairs is sustained.

Our step-by-step licensing services

a. Incorporation of a legal entity (company) with the Cyprus Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver.

b. Preparation of the application with the collection of all relevant documents, completion of the relevant questionnaires and preparation of the necessary manuals and business plan.

c. Submission of the Application to CySEC.

d. Communication with CySEC for the progress of the filed application.

e. Pre-authorization confirmation from CySEC.

f. Compliance and submission of compliance evidence to meet the CySEC’s pre-authorization conditions.

g. CySEC audit.

h. Application success! Receipt of the authorization.

i. Cross-border notification.

Our Post-Authorization


Support Services

Fund Administration

Regulatory Compliance

Risk Management

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Internal Audit

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