New Film Production Projects in Olivewood Cyprus

The Cyprus Film Scheme “Olivewood” is steadily growing!

The Cyprus Film Committee has already licensed and hosted four films in the island so far and as expected more film productions are on the way. In fact, one of the Tel Aviv – Beirut” film producers, is already planning his second film production on the island, after his positive experience during his stay in Cyprus.

According to Mr. Marios Piperidis, one of “Tel Aviv – Beirut” film producers, there is a quite high international interest for Cyprus’s Film Scheme, mainly coming from film producers who aim to utilize and exploit the full potential of the Film Scheme. Mr. Piperidis also stressed that the constant update and improvement of the Cyprus Film Scheme is very of the essence.

As a confirmation of the above, the representatives of a Russian Film Production company are in the production stage of their film in Cyprus, and they are currently filming in various locations throughout the island.

At the same time, American producers have already expressed their genuine interest to apply for the required license to the Cyprus Film Committee for an authorization to begin the production of two films in Cyprus, one of which is a well-known comedy series.

The Ministry of Finance is intensifying its promotional efforts to attract new Productions on the island by working on several amendments to the Cyprus Film Scheme. The amendments will focus on the enhancement of the incentives and requirements of the Film Scheme as well as on the support and development of the Cypriot professional with specific provisions in the Scheme.

Our Firm is among the very few in the island which has the necessary skill and knowledge to provide tailored fit solutions and open architecture services in the entertainment industry.

Through our dedicated team of professionally qualified experts who have worked in various Film Development and Production projects, (including the film produced in Cyprus “Jiu Jitsu” starring Nicolas Cage) will be thrilled to provide diligent and pro-active services to the Cyprus Film Scheme applicant.

Our services will cover the applicant’s needs from the early stage of the Film Development up to the Post-production & Distribution stage of the project.