Why Choose Cyprus

Why Cyprus

The island of the Republic of Cyprus is an EU member state, located north-east of the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the region’s leading business centres while it enjoys the advantages of tourism, consultancy, shipping, banking, and insurance markets. The official languages of the island are Greek and English.

Cyprus is a uniquely competitive entry point to EU regulated fund management solutions and one of the most attractive EU jurisdictions for investments. It is a well-regulated EU member state with full alignment of the EU Directives into the national legislation which in turn regulates entities such as investment firms, investment funds and investment fund managers.

This regulatory environment, combined with Cyprus’s geographical location at the crossroad of three continents, is attracting investment fund promoters and specialist service providers from various parts of the world, offering unique investment opportunities and specialized expertise

What Cyprus has to offer?

  • Experienced professionals (i.e. lawyers, auditors, custodians, fund administrators)

  • Full exemption from transfer fees for all transfers of real estate property, provided that VAT was paid on the transaction, and 50% exception from transfer fees for all other transfers

  • Tax exemption on income of non-residents moving to Cyprus for employment, provided that income exceeds EUR100,000/annum

  • High quality lifestyle

  • Experienced professionals (i.e. lawyers, auditors, custodians, fund administrators)

  • No tax on dividends, interest and rental income for tax residents, non-domiciled in Cyprus

  • Reduced VAT (5%) on acquisitions of property that will be used as residence while in Cyprus

  • Exemption from tax on profits from the disposal of eligible securities

  • Competitive financial & regulatory frameworks

  • One of the lowest corporate tax rates (12.5%) in the EU

  • Low tax on intellectual property

  • EU passporting

  • Low set-up and operational costs compared to many other EU Member States

  • Double tax treaties

  • Tax resident funds are eligible to all benefits under a double tax treaty or the EU Directives

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